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The Company

Established in 2018 by a group of Energy Experts, Bitcoin Mining and Data Center Specialists, and Financial Professionals.


To create the most efficient energy solutions for the blockchain revolution.


A fully integrated hybrid of clean energy infrastructure and active support for the digital currency community.

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Why Link Global Technologies?

LGT is flexible on a global scale to generate solutions based on local opportunities.

Revenue Generating

Produced more than 19 million KW’s of electricity for sales of $1.1 M last quarter for more than 2100 new-generation bitcoin mining machines.


Rapid Growth

Contract signed for an additional 29 million KW’s in Q1 2021, which would bring power to over 5000 mining machines within existing operational capacity.


Experienced Team

Management team has a deep understanding of client’s needs and of the industry’s opportunity.

First Mover Advantage

Pipeline of shovel ready projects for the transition economy.

Value Proposition

Solutions fitting clients’ needs in a simple cost-effective manner


LINK offers clients scalable, cost-effective access to clean energy.



LINK generates strong, predictable cashflows by securing power purchase agreements (PPAs).


LINK utilizes the latest technologies, meaning our containerized data centers are energy efficient – improving margins.


LINK is making use of efficient power systems resulting in active contributions to achieving net -zero emission climate goals.